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Playbook for Crafting Newsworthy Science Narratives

By Ron Rogers, Jeff Winton Associates Consultant

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Crafting an enthralling science narrative is both an art and a science, requiring a keen understanding of what resonates with audiences and an adept ability to simplify and amplify complex subjects. For PR professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry, this isn't just about spinning a good yarn; it's about underscoring the transformative power of pharmaceutical innovation, celebrating the human endeavors behind each discovery and fostering a culture of transparency and hope. 


A science story that captivates audiences typically weaves together novelty, relevance and impact, all while being delivered in an engaging, digestible manner. Let's examine the core elements that make a science story newsworthy.


10 Attributes of a Newsworthy Science Story

  1. Relevance: Address a topic that touches a significant audience segment. A breakthrough in diabetes, for instance, will strike a chord due to the global prevalence of the disease.

  2. Novelty: Stories that spotlight new discoveries or challenge the status quo are likely to get an editor’s attention.

  3. Timeliness: Fresh, current revelations always take precedence over dated news.

  4. Public Impact: Reports that influence societal health or well-being often become headline material.

  5. Controversy: When research defies common beliefs it can spark debate.

  6. Human Connection: Narratives grounded in personal experiences evoke strong emotional responses.

  7. Visual Magnetism: A compelling visual - whether an image, video, or infographic - amplifies a story's allure.

  8. Practical Application: Research with tangible real-world applications draws interest.

  9. Wide Reach: Discoveries with vast interdisciplinary repercussions are more impactful.

  10. Clarity: Simplifying intricate science for a wider audience maximizes reach.


Mining Pharma Gold: Extracting Riveting Science Tales

For PR professionals working in the biopharmaceutical industry, the act of uncovering and disseminating compelling narratives plays a crucial role beyond mere information sharing. These stories, when skillfully crafted, communicate the company's dedication towards advancing the frontiers of science and medicine and highlight the company's role in shaping a healthier, better-informed world. The question is, “how does one go about finding great science stories?” Here's a roadmap to uncovering these stories:


  1. R&D Explorations: Delve into your company's R&D initiatives to unearth novel findings or groundbreaking methods with potential to reshape healthcare landscapes.

  2. Patient Chronicles: Narrate tales of patients rejuvenated by the company's interventions, offering hope and demonstrating real-world efficacy.

  3. Championing Champions: Celebrate the dedication and genius of your in-house scientists and researchers, spotlighting their groundbreaking work and humanizing their journeys.

  4. Tech Innovations: Illuminate the state-of-the-art tech or pioneering equipment your company employs, accentuating its distinct advantages.

  5. Strategic Alliances: Announce partnerships with academia, research hubs or fellow pharmaceuticals, underscoring the collaborative strides in healthcare innovation.

  6. Inside Look: Offer a lens into the hustle within labs and facilities, celebrating the daily rigors of drug evolution.

  7. Honors and Accolades: Amplify recognitions and awards, cementing the company's stature in pharmaceutical excellence.

  8. Community Footprint: Showcase the firm's societal contributions, whether outreach efforts or CSR initiatives, echoing its broader societal commitment.

  9. Legacy Tales: Dive into past triumphs and innovations. A journey from past breakthroughs to present-day advancements can fascinate readers.

  10. Horizon Gazing: Share glimpses of the future – be it upcoming projects or promising drugs in the pipeline. Such previews stir excitement and anchor the company's progressive trajectory.


As we navigate an age where science holds the key to many of humanity's pressing challenges, mastering the craft of compelling storytelling is not just advantageous – it's imperative. By embracing the playbook outlined above, PR professionals can amplify the stories that matter, reinforce their company's commitment to bettering human lives, and inspire trust and excitement in their audience. It's not just about getting noticed; it's about making a lasting impact.


Ron Rogers brings to Jeff Winton Associates more than three decades as a corporate communications counselor in the life sciences for Fortune 100, mid-sized and start-up companies. His expertise includes strategic communications planning, commercial execution and budget management. He is passionate about translating scientific information into best-in-class news and compelling narratives.

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