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9.2.22 | Jeff Winton Honors His Dad in the Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange

Our CEO Jeff Winton has often discussed the work ethic he inherited from his dad, Archie. The Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange invited Jeff to share with readers how his dad was a role model who imparted several valuable life lessons.

5.26.22 | Bringing Darkness to Light

Our CEO Jeff Winton grew up in a farming community where mental health issues were prevalent but not discussed. Jeff founded Rural Minds to help reduce the stigma and provide needed resources. This article spotlights his efforts.

5.17.21 | PR Daily: Jeff Winton's Reflection on Communication and Leadership

Corporations are fertile grounds for spawning great leaders. Some executives make their mark turning around faltering companies. Others rise to the occasion when an unexpected crisis occurs.

4.27.21 | Jeff Winton Responds to Article on Mental Health in Agricultural Settings

Our CEO, Jeff Winton, is a strong advocate for raising awareness about mental health issues in rural communities. Read his published Letter to the Editor in response to a Farm Journal article that focused on mental health struggles in agriculture. 

11.19.20 | Jeff Winton Receives Outstanding Alumni Award from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Our CEO, Jeff Winton, was honored with the Outstanding Alumni Award from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for his career achievements and long-standing commitment to the college.

11.12.20 | Healthy UK/US Relations: Onyx Health’s

Karen Winterhalter and JWA’s Jeff Winton

As the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK looks to change once more following the US election results and fallout, we hear how healthy (public) relations between UK and US companies can work out.

9.17.20 | Expanding Global Healthcare Communications Services

Together, Jeff Winton Associates and UK-based Onyx Health will serve healthcare and life sciences clients in the Americas, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere in Asia.

9.14.20 | JWA & Onyx Form Cross-Atlantic Partnership

Jeff Winton Associates and Onyx Health have joined forces to provide clients with both U.S. and Europe healthcare expertise.

5.05.20 | Proud to Introduce  Allie Rose

We recently introduced you to our first summer intern, Adriel McMahan, University of Alabama. Well, guess what? We have hired our second student from UA, Allie Rose, and we couldn't be more proud or excited.

3.20.20 | Welcome to the Team, Adriel McMahan

I am the first to admit that I am favorably predisposed, and perhaps even somewhat biased, when it comes to fellow communications professionals who grew up in a farm setting like I did.

3.03.20 | Humble Beginnings: Jeff Winton

When I first met Jeff Winton and heard about his industry experience as well as his zeal for life and helping others, I could instantly tell he was someone I wanted to befriend. What I didn’t know was how incredible his story is.

2.18.20 | Yes, You Can Be A Mentor Too

Oftentimes, students and young adults entering the workforce believe that they do not have anything to bring to the table yet. Without any real work experience in the corporate world or agency life, what could you know?

2.5.20 | Winton Launches Agency

Veteran pharma communications leader Jeff Winton has launched his own agency, Jeff Winton Associates.

1.26.20 | Letter to the Editor

I’m grateful to the The New York Times for publishing my letter in the Sunday, January 26, 2020 edition about the impact addiction and mental illness have had on my family and on other farm families across this country.

12.24.19 | Boyhood Memories of Christmas Eve

Growing up on my family’s multi-generational dairy farm in the snow belt of Western New York near Lake Erie was a special place during Christmastime.

10.10.19 | World Mental Health Day

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It can impact you no matter who you are

or where you’re from. And for people living in rural communities around the country,

it’s often an unspoken topic that can lead to potentially tragic consequences.

8.29.19 | Labor Day

As Labor Day 2019 approaches here in America, I’m once again reminded of the hard working men and women who produce our food and fiber in this country.

8.5.19 | Someone To Know

Jeff Winton is the senior vice president of public affairs at Alkermes and is an accomplished corporate affairs and communications professional with more than 30 years of experience.

7.18.19 | My Reflections on Pride Month

Why diversity and inclusion mean more than a hashtag.

Recognized as an influential corporate communication professional for mentorship, Astellas Pharma's Jeffrey A. Winton accepts the Plank Mentor Corporate Award.

Everything in our business is about “changing tomorrow.” In healthcare our goal is to extend and help save people’s lives.

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