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Meet the Team: Mark Bennett

Some communication trends change the course of how companies promote their brands, products and services. Meet Jeff Winton Associates (JWA) consultant Mark Bennett, who recognized the potential of digital communications early on and included social media into multi-channel campaigns before it was the norm.

Meet the Team: Barb Willis

Ghostwriting for C-suite executives is a far cry from growing up

in a federal housing project. Meet Jeff Winton Associates consultant

Barb Willis, whose determination to succeed against all odds

resulted in a multifaceted communications career.

Meet the Team: Adriel McMahan

People raised to view challenges as opportunities often dream big. Meet Jeff Winton Associates account executive, Adriel McMahan, who expanded her horizons beyond her small-town roots to develop a fresh approach to creativity, problem solving and social media implementation.

Meet the Team: Karen McDermott

What career would be perfect for someone with a passion for animals, a background in science and a gift for writing? Meet Jeff Winton Associates consultant Karen McDermott, who has made a difference as a communications professional supporting animal health and biopharma companies.

Meet the Team: Jim Modica

Attention to detail is a characteristic that helps ensure quality work, whatever the business. Meet Jim Modica, Jeff Winton Associates (JWA) co-founder and chief operating officer, whose executional excellence always keeps the agency ahead of the curve.

Meet the Team: Jed Weiner

Broadcast journalists are curiosity-seekers who dig for facts and weave compelling narratives. Meet Jed Weiner, a Jeff Winton Associates consultant who started his career in broadcasting and later applied his storytelling skills to roles in global public relations agencies and biopharma companies.

Meet the Team: Linda Johnson

Many students are interested in either the sciences or the liberal arts. Meet Jeff Winton Associates consultant Linda Johnson, who excelled in both and combined those areas to build a distinguished career as a medical writer and highly-respected journalist.

Meet the Team: Mary-Fran Faraji

Many college students are idealistic, with dreams of making a difference. One Jeff Winton Associates consultant wanted to help achieve world peace by pursuing a career in diplomacy. Meet Mary-Fran Faraji, who pivoted from that early aspiration to build a rewarding career in communications.

Meet the Team: Rosemarie Yancosek

Manhattan is often a proving ground for young communications professionals. Meet Rosemarie Yancosek, who paid her dues in Big Apple public relations and advertising agencies before setting her sights on the pharmaceutical industry.

Meet the Team: Don Hannaford

Global industry experience is typical for the Jeff Winton Associates team. However, one consultant has been around the world and back during his impressive career. Meet Don Hannaford, whose background included domestic public affairs and international marketing roles before conquering communications.

Meet the Team: Joan Todd

Not every Jeff Winton Associates consultant dreamed of a communications career as a child. Meet Joan Todd, who initially wanted to be a horse trainer and now shows her horses in her spare time.

Meet the Team: Julie Lux

JWA consultants each have traveled unique paths to gain their expertise. Meet Julie Lux, whose broadcast background helps her better understand how to create campaigns that garner great media coverage.

Meet the Team: Gary Geipel

JWA consultants are not only savvy communications professionals. They also lead fascinating lives outside of work. Meet Gary Geipel, who thrives on diverse commitments and interests.

An Educational Experience Away From School

I have looked up to professionals in the communications industry for as long as I can remember. For this reason, I decided to explore this career option. I was thrilled to have my first hands-on experience this summer at Jeff Winton Associates.

Key Takeaways from Working at JWA

JWA’s senior-level consultants each have more than 20 years of global business experience. Jeff and each consultant took a vested interest in helping me improve my skills. Here are some of the things I learned these past few months.


JWA's Second Anniversary: Honoring My Dad's Memory

I have been reflecting on the selfless life of my late father, Archie Winton, who would have turned 90 on February 2, 2022. Sadly, he died in his 60s from cardiovascular disease. To honor my dad, my partner, Jim Modica, and I launched JWA two years ago on February 2.

Second Year Reflections

As JWA celebrates its second anniversary, co-founder and CEO Jeff Winton shared his thoughts on this happy occasion.

Pride Month: How You Can Join the Conversation

On June 28, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn and were met with a strong resistance from the gay community. Jeff Winton reflects on how far society has come since then and what we can all do to advocate for LQBTQ+ rights.

Don't Underestimate the Value of Mentorship

Consultant Adriel McMahan writes about how mentors guided her journey from life as a college student to entering the business world, with mentoring tips she learned along the way.

Helping Others Through Your Personal Narrative

If you are scratching your head wondering what I mean by “personal narrative,” you likely are not alone. Most of us get swept up by life’s frantic pace without taking the time to consider how sharing our triumphs and struggles might help others cope.

Giving Thanks for the Good In Our Lives

2020 has been a challenging year for the world. However, even amid challenge, there is comfort in reflecting on what makes us grateful. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, some of the JWA team shared how they have remained positive this year.

Reflections on My Summer Internship Experience

The opportunity to work as an intern in the healthcare communications industry during a global pandemic has been a life-changing experience.  

When Life Tries to Take Away Your Lemons:
Making Lemonade Out of a Global Pandemic

Leaders in communication and public relations across the nation traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for a meeting and also spend time sharing their knowledge with students. Lucky me, I got to be one of those students and Jeff happened to be leading the discussion on the topic I was covering: mentorship.

7.2.20 | On This Independence Day, Let's Declare Our Dependence on One Another

Driven by Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, the Covid-19 pandemic, economic depression and other issues, as a country we are living through an unprecedented time of social upheaval that is transforming how we relate to one another and how we understand our roles as individuals and citizens in our communities and beyond.

Our "Rural" Quarantine

COVID-19 has struck our country in a profound way. We’ve seen economic crises. Mental health issues. Death. It has transformed our personal and professional relationships—the smile, hug, and handshake disappeared behind masks, screens, and the now ubiquitous “six feet.” But transformation calls us to grow.

On This Independence Day, Let's Declare Our Dependence on One Another

Driven by Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, the Covid-19 pandemic, economic depression and other issues, as a country we are living through an unprecedented time of social upheaval that is transforming how we relate to one another and how we understand our roles as individuals and citizens in our communities and beyond.

Humble Beginnings: Jeff Winton

When I first met Jeff Winton and heard about his industry experience as well as his zeal for life and helping others, I could instantly tell he was someone I wanted to befriend. What I didn’t know was how incredible his story is.

Boyhood Memories of Christmas Eve

Growing up on my family’s multi-generational dairy farm in the snow belt of Western New York near Lake Erie was a special place during Christmastime.

My Reflections on Pride Month

Why diversity and inclusion mean more than a hashtag.

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