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An Educational Experience Away From School

By Angela Duffala

Jeff Winton Associates, Communications Specialist

Angela head shot.jpeg

I have looked up to professionals in the communications industry for as long as I can remember. For this reason, I decided to explore this career option. 

From a young age, I admired my mom, Catherine Cantone, a communications professional who has been in the business for thirty years. Seeing how remarkable my mom’s career has been pushed me to major in communications. As a child, my mom introduced me to her friend and former boss, Jeff Winton, who influenced her success. I was eager to one day get the chance to learn from him and his highly skilled team.

I developed an interest in making presentations and collaborating with others. These skills are vital in communications. After researching the communications program at my school, Quinnipiac University, this discipline was a good fit. One thing that stood out to me was how crucial solid communication is in any successful business or workplace.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the many aspects of the communications industry thus far in school by taking public relations, social media, public speaking and media studies courses. These courses excited me to get a summer job in the industry. I was thrilled to have my first hands-on experience this summer at Jeff Winton Associates. The combination of the courses I've taken and my experience at JWA makes me eager to progress in the industry. 

Throughout my training at JWA, I have learned from the best in the industry including being taught to do social media calendars, posts, and newsletters. I have also had special weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions. The most rewarding part was recognizing my growth as a communications professional, and applying what I have learned in the classroom during my college years has been fulfilling.

This experience has far exceeded my expectations. I will carry the skills and knowledge I have gained from my time here for the rest of my career. This position has been a “full circle” moment from my early aspirations, and I am incredibly thankful to have been given this opportunity.

Angela is entering her senior year at Quinnipiac University and has been accepted into the MBA program at the university.

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