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Giving Thanks for the Good in Our Lives

2020 has been a challenging year for the world. However, even amid challenge, there is comfort in reflecting on what makes us grateful. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, some of the JWA team shared how they have remained positive this year.

“I’m thankful for living in the country, where I can still enjoy the outdoors despite COVID.”
- Margie Flagg

“For all the weirdness this year, I can’t help but be thankful for the health of my extended family: brother, children, step-children (and all associated spouses) and a raft of in-laws. We’re all pushing through and having good thoughts about the future!”
- Don Hannaford

“There’s a lot that we’ve all lost with the pandemic. But I’m thankful for the opportunity this time has provided to focus on the most important things in my life, including family, friends, and animals – my dogs, cat, and horses – that bring so much joy into my home and heart.  
- Karen McDermott

“I am thankful for my dog, Stella. She brings me absolute joy and comfort.”
- Adriel McMahan

“With a year of changes and adaptations, I am thankful that there has been a constant that has never changed: the ability and the opportunity to love and be loved. It’s a gift that is not always deserved, but one that has made all the difference for me this year.”
- Allie Rose

“I am thankful for my health, my family and our home. I am grateful for the time we have spent together during the quarantine, the memories we have created and the bond we share.”
- Jennifer Samolewicz


“I am so very thankful for my loving husband and family who support me every day, for the kindness and generosity so many people have extended me this year, and for the hope and light I see coming our way in 2021.”
- Megan Scavuzzo


“I am grateful to make a living from home in a profession that allows me to stretch my creative muscles. I am also eternally grateful for the strength that my mom instilled in me to weather any storm.”
- Barb Willis

“I am grateful for our new firm's team members, whose dedication and commitment have contributed to our rapid growth despite the pandemic. We are also thankful for our clients who have shown their support and endorsement of what we have been building together since launching this past February.”

- Jeff Winton

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