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JWA consultants each have traveled unique paths to gain their expertise. Meet Julie Lux, whose broadcast background helps her better understand how to create campaigns that garner great media coverage.

Julie Lux was raised and currently lives in Missouri, which is nicknamed the “Show Me” state. The word “show” is particularly apropos for Julie, as she participates in dog shows, was once a television talk show host and, for JWA, shows the world the many virtues of client products and services through healthcare provider and patient education projects. 


Julie’s interest in the media began as a child when she would conduct mock “radio” interviews on a tape recorder with her cousin, Pete, who went on to a career in broadcasting. When Julie attended Rockhurst University, where she received her B.A. in communications, she put those childhood practice runs to use as a sports announcer on the campus radio station.


Above: Julie and husband Ron can frequently be found at NASCAR events.

After college, Julie landed a marketing and management position with a shopping center developer which included supervising an outside communications agency. One day, Julie’s agency representative told her about an opening at KBMA-TV (later KSHB-TV) in Kansas City. She got the job, initially writing TV listings and promos. She ultimately moved up to program manager, producer and on-air host for “AM Live,” an informational talk show. When Rupert Murdoch purchased the station, changes followed. Julie opted not to accept a news reporting position, saying, “There were enough people delivering depressing news. I didn’t want to be one of them.”

A myriad of freelance communications projects followed for different agencies. In 1993, Julie worked on her first consulting assignment for Jeff Winton, who at the time worked for a New York City advertising agency. Julie continued to work for Jeff on a variety of projects until 2002, when he called with an assignment that would change the course of her career. Jeff had subsequently joined Pharmacia as that company’s communications head and brought Julie onboard to help launch a public education campaign for overactive bladder drug Detrol® LA with celebrity spokesperson Debbie Reynolds. “She was lovely, fun to work with and the consummate professional,” says Julie. 

Julie moved to New Jersey for the job while she and her husband, Ron, also kept their house on 10 acres north of Kansas City. Shortly after, Pfizer acquired Pharmacia, but there was a new opportunity around the corner when Jeff became the vice president of Global Communications at Schering-Plough, which was acquired by Merck in 2009. While at Schering-Plough, Jeff enlisted Julie to handle the public relations for the Allergy and Asthma prescription drug brands as well as Animal Health and Consumer Health (over-the-counter products/OTC). Julie recalls when the FDA first regulated dextromethorphan, requiring OTC allergy and cold products containing that ingredient to be removed from shelves and sold behind the pharmacy counter. Julie recounts that an NPR reporter expected a quote arguing the decision. “She was stunned when I said that Schering-Plough was in agreement because it was the right thing to do.”

Julie with award winner.jpg

Above: Julie is the proud "mom"

of award-winner Antonia.

Julie is thrilled to continue her relationship with Jeff, noting, “The people I get to work with at Jeff Winton Associates are among the most talented in the industry. It’s a master class in collaboration, and everyone on the team ups each other’s game.” Julie also is grateful to work on communications for Rural Minds, the non-profit organization that Jeff founded to provide needed resources and raise awareness for mental illness in rural communities.

In her spare time, Julie volunteers with the Heart of America Kennel Club, where she serves as show chair and her husband is president. Julie also is vice president of the Leavenworth Kennel Club and is licensed to judge beagles, American foxhounds, dalmatians and junior showmanship (which assesses the skills of 9-to-18-year-old handlers). Additionally, Julie attends four meetings a year as a club delegate to the American Kennel Club. However, Julie gets the most joy from showing her home-bred beagles, which, she confesses, “have taken over the house.”

Julie is happy to be back fulltime in the Kansas City area and to have the opportunity to balance her love of show dogs with her passion for communications. It has been a journey filled with diverse experiences, and Julie has made the most of every single one!

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